hybris is always looking for talented and innovative people. Talking about our team, the key to succeed is “sharing”.  Teamwork is one of our main values. The team owns the product and everyone’s opinion matters to build the best software in the market. That’s our vision and to do so, we are looking for knowledgeable and open-minded people. It is extremely important for us to be able to discuss and build all together around a concept or an idea. There is freedom to share your thoughts, demonstrate them and convince everybody that we can take benefits out of it. From a potential new colleague, we expect him to follow the best practices that we have in hybris as well as following the standards of the company. But not only because our spirit is to enjoy what we are doing every day. We are a good example of the melting pot of cultures that you can find in hybris. Every team member is coming from a different country. We are eager to collaborate with any people with their strengths and differences because that’s what makes us richer.