Think about a place where you like to spend time. A place where you meet friends. A place where you can occupy yourself with topics you find really interesting and you like to occupy yourself with. A place where you have the feeling the time spent there is not wasted. A place where you can live your passion in a professional way.

Well, for me this is hybris. I work for this company for more than 6 years now and my overall summary is: Working for hybris means the almost perfect combination of self-involvement to the company, interesting and challenging topics I can deal with and great colleagues I am allowed to work with every day. I have fun at work and I found a lot of friends here at work. Yes, there are always things that could be better – but tell me: isn´t that true for almost everything in your life? As long as there is the possibility to improve and involve yourself into this process of improving, there is not much I could ask for in addition… And that´s the case, at hybris.