They told me not to ask any questions. ‘Just follow us to the 5th floor’ they said. I felt a bit insecure about what might happen. Is this a rite of passage of some kind or what?
When I stepped out of the lift I saw about 40 faces staring at me, all stuffed with pizza.
A presentation was taking place. I had sat down on a nearby chair and was handed a slice of pizza.

That was my first lunch talk.
It happens almost every week on Thursday in the hybris club. We share a lunch and learn about new stuff.

The speakers are our colleagues who have learnt something new and want to share it with the rest of the company.

The topics vary, it can be anything:

Inner workings of the JVM.
Showing off new shiny module my team came up with.
Spreading a new idea someone would like to get a foothold in our job.
How to improve our hiring.
Passing on new ideas from the conference we’ve just attended…

I recommend it to everyone who has a thirst of knowledge and hunger for pizza!