In 2007, the hybris founders visited a few cities in Poland to find the location for its next office.

Nothing truly caught their attention till they arrived in a small office in Gliwice. 

As they entered they saw cool designs, people chatting, joking freely, no stress, no hurry, smiling faces everywhere and finally…the bike… Just standing there, right in middle of the office. Was that a problem for anyone? Was that something extraordinary, or abnormal? Not really – this company had this easy-going approach and everything was possible as long as it didn’t disturb others.

At that point the decision was made and the cooperation started, and now, a few years later, the Gliwice office has become one the biggest and fastest growing at hybris. 

The feeling is still the same although now, instead of a small office, we have a 5-story building in the center of the city. 

And the fun continues, just last week, we held an after-hours board games event at our hybris club (our chill out zone on the 5th floor). This gave us the chance to get to know our new colleagues who recently joined better. 

On Tuesday we were bravely donating blood for a greater cause, and this Thursday we’re holding a Bar Camp session in our bowling club in the basement. This event gathers software development enthusiasts for technology-related presentations, while sipping a nice beer or drink. 

Yeah, we like to keep ourselves busy. Now we’re waiting for the Summer Party to come, for sure there will be a band and lots of guests from our other locations. And later on the Xmas party. This is something very special, we always have a cool surprise performance, and I can’t wait to see what will happen this year.

Those parties are epic, ask anyone☺

I can talk about it for hours, and there is so much more…but hey, who wants to read such a long monologue huh? Go and see the video instead.

Want to see more? Take a quick tour through the office right here!
And yes, it’s in Polish 😉