We all know how much easier things are if you change the perspective sometimes. And working for an enterprise software company certainly means thinking BIG and fully dedicated to a challenge and it’s solution. Other companies might talk about “war rooms” and things like that the whole time, doing workshops, sticking clever Henry Ford quotes on walls etc. Talking about how to bring more fun to the everyday life. At hybris we actually DO think big and work in large dimensions.
Forget your DinA4 notepad. For the really challenging things, where you need to actually SEE more connections and relations, we don’t draw on notepads. Even forget your tiny flip chart. At hybris we use whole walls. Because… why should you go smaller?!
Believe it or not: But this changes the view on your projects a lot.

I like to doodle. I can doodle anywhere, anytime. Whenever the idea pops into my head, whenever a problem bugs me, I just doodle it out! And use colors! Post-its! All shapes and forms are allowed! I just let my imagination go!

It’s like that: Some companies think they need to provide everything their employees need or require to work. At hybris the credo is more: Provide everything and anything that supports work or makes it more fun! I mean: Everyone is talking about customer experience and how much this is a 360 degree topic. The same things count also for an employee experience and have a direct impact on the work we do. This is not about nice benefits at work. Even the fresh fruit in the kitchen is not just a benefit. It makes you feel better. How should that NOT have a positive impact on the work?!
hybris asks for extraordinary work and results. And hybris also knows how to provide extraordinary tools and and extraordinary environment.
How else should we fly like we do?!