I have recently started my work at hybris as a software developer. My experience in previous companies told me that I would get short introduction of the team goals, look at some source code and in one week I would need to do something productive for the company.

It turned out to be quite different.

My first task was to learn the platform on which my team is working on and I got signed for two week training. In the meanwhile there was a scrum training to get idea about how scrum is implemented in hybris and few other meetings explaining the whole company environment. I ended up  working one month without writing a single line of a useful code.

That was a little bit strange for me, yet it turned out to be a normal practice. All new employees have opportunity to get answers for all: whats, hows and whys before they start creating stuff for production.


And what Ken would like to add here:

We have incredibly talented developers from all around the world, with a hunger, enthusiasm, and determination to excel and forge new e-commerce solutions in the world. While hybris has grown rapidly in the last years, it still has start-up DNA – where people with talent and skill are not limited, but on the contrary have free reign to push their own, and their Teams’ limits.

hybris’ Software Academy is just one example of how essential hybris regards the proactive on-boarding and on-going empowerment of our developers – Lunch Talks, Meetups, Dojos are a part of our daily lives at hybris – where we constantly share our knowledge and push our own limits.