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It’s amazing how everything is connected nowadays. The Internet of Things is one of the most popular ‘buzz words’, so we followed this lead and checked out what Arduino has to offer.

Playing around with this open source electronics platform is a nice start, introduction to the IoT topic which has been in the center of labs team focus for last couple of months. They decided to share their experiences and enabled other locations to have fun during local workshops.

As Piotrek the organizer said:

It all started with our tech-geek guys – hybris labs team. They came up with an idea and made the first workshop in Munich. But why Arduino workshops ? To let people take a break from their daily duties and let them ‘think different’ for a while. Say ‘hello world’ to a brand new electronic world with all its parts, laws and awesomeness!

20 people attended the workshop, everyone got their own Arduino kit, the first impressions are very encouraging, so for sure there will be next editions. This is how one of the attendees, Łukasz sees it:

I have recently attended Arduino workshop at hybris Gliwice. It was a great opportunity to get to know it and refresh my knowledge about micro-controllers. Nowadays, we have lots of possibility to integrate micro-services and micro-controllers which opens a bunch of new opportunities for us. I cannot wait till I will try to connect my small green energy project with Internet using Arduino set.

And as Krzysiek adds:

Very helpful start for beginners who want to become a master in the world of Arduino. Perfect kit with lots of gadgets to illustrate capabilities of this tiny board.

I can’t wait to attend a more advanced workshop!

IMG_0201 IMG_0202

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