This is the most exiting Job I have ever had, as I am asked to do what I like to do most, and what I just LOVE: Developing concepts for interactions which don´t exist yet. Exploring – researching – brainstorming – thinking – discussing –INNOVATING it´s always about allowing ourselves to think outside of the box and develop solutions for problems which ease a users live.

Here the motto is: “Anything is possible” – you just have to make it happen –believe in the impossible dig deeper and you´ll find solutions – talk to people and you´ll find answers. It may sound cliché, but Team Spirit rules!!! It does not make half as fun if you have to think and work and after all celebrate alone.

I am currently working on interaction for users (must not only be human) enabled by hybris/SAP applications leveraging latest technologies to formalize predictable IOT (Internet of Things) scenarios which solve problems or ease interactions and serve Analytics.

Focusing on Smart Dressing Room – an intelligent Dressing Room, which detects the items inside and supports the user throughout the try on and later shopping experience. (

Wine Shelf – A cloud connected shelf, the user is able to communicate to (bidirectional) to find the products matching the user´s interests. (

If I were to summarize what I do with a few words, I would say:

Conceptualization – Innovation – Storytelling – Problem solving – Demonstrating –Motivation – Exploration.


We currently don’t have an opening in this department, however if you believe you have what it takes, get in touch with us.

You never know what may happen next.