What I like is that we are responsible for many things at the same time, including devops. This gives the feeling of responsibility and ownership. I like the situations when there is a lot of documentation / deployment / releasing work piling up, and the feeling of getting the smaller tasks done, in between bigger development tasks. Also that we have a lot of influence over what we are doing, i.e. that we are free to discuss and suggest other solutions to the Product Owners, or other teams. In short: feeling of ownership.

When I first joined I was surprised that people actually do try to follow the scrum guidelines and actually do the code review, and write tests, etc… as these things are usually followed only in theory. During a recent lunch talk (loaded with lots of Pizza provided at these regular events) I understood some of the new Java 8 features, great discovery. I work on a daily basis with Java, Spring, Jersey, REST, RAML, sometimes a bit of struggling with Scala 😉

If I had to describe my job in 5 words those would be: discussing, thinking, reviewing, joking and writing code 😉


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