What surprised me the most was the time spent on actual writing vs obtaining information. The ratio is 30 : 70. I sometimes feel more like a Technical Detective rather than a Technical Writer.

I roam the open spaces of our offices in the never ending quest for documentation input. Constantly on the prowl for information, I consult the code, ask the right people the right questions and make sure to document the evidence I come across in order to streamline the access to up-to-date information.

Being a Technical Writer at hybris allows me to combine my educational background with my passion for technology. What I initially lacked in technical skills I made up for by completing programming courses provided by the company. Not only did I expand my technical knowledge, but I also made significant progress in the field of technical communication itself. I had attended several international conferences and even presented at one.

In my everyday tasks I use several tools, including Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo,  and of course Eclipse. Asking people for information is one thing, but making sure the information is correct is another. A wise man once said to me: ‘The truth is in the code’ 🙂

Mateusz, Glasses. Black t-shirt. That’s me.

*ECP = Enterprise Commerce Platform, the name of our department that creates our awesome hybris Commerce Suite