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On the 17-19 of June our hybris developers had a chance to attend the famous IT conference Devoxx in UK. What are their impressions after the conference?

Cloud, micro-services, mobile, Internet of Things, Java EE … those are topics covered at many Java conferences nowadays, and Devoxx UK was no different this year. And I need to say those topics greatly match what we we do at hybris. To me, as a electronics hobbyist, the IoT sessions were especially interesting. I think that cloud-connected electronic devices will rule the world soon and ability to control them via cloud will give a lot of new possibilities. On the other hand, because of the amount of data they will generate, managing them will also be a big challenge.


And as Michał adds:

It was quite interesting. Lot’s of companies and lots of interesting presetations about programing languages, jvm, performance, etc. Many of them were talking about (watch out for the buzzword) cloud. I know that nowadays almost all marketing stuff is about that word. But I was surprised to see so many companies were realy successful on that field.

That was for me, the most interesting thing – the exeperience of other companies.

It also seems that guys had a chance to compete in a hackathon with IoT (like drones) organized by IBM during the conference and win it! 😀

What Michał  has to say about it?

How was that? I think it was really intensive work, but we had great team. There was not much time, but we were realy focused on our project – Rescue from cloud. Concept of dron which will be going to the place of accident and help in rescue, of course all would be managed from cloud.

All of us had our own idea how to approach this, but we decided to create a minimal project and improve it, if time will allow for that. Just like we do in everyday work at hybris. Łukasz knew that completion of all will be hard and decided to share the vision of the idea with a presentation. That way even if something could fail, we still will be able to show strong basis behid our project.

This approach allowed us to win.


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