Last week we organized event for our children – hybris Kids. This was the 4th edition.

On hybris Kids day, for one afternoon our beloved offspring can spend some time with us in the office and have fun. The main purpose of this event is to show our children how we work on a daily basis and encourage them to learn new things and to keep them interested in technology.

hybris Kids events try to be both: educational and full of fun. We have usually up to 50 children of different age: we have toddlers, first graders as well as teens and yes, sometimes it gets a bit crazy☺

We usually start with drawing, painting on our walls and finish with a big party with sweets, fruits and popcorn at hybris club on 5th floor. We prepare workshops and presentations for children, for example a presentation about the universe, astronomy or a workshop about brainstorming, creative thinking.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure if such event could be successful or not. Now people keep on asking me if new editions would be organized and they bring new ideas to make it better. To sum up, now it’s a hit and our kids as well as ourselves enjoy it very much.