In Montreal, many developers gathered for a day of hacking using the latest hybris cloud technologies (YaaS – hybris business platform as a service). This was the second event of this kind to allow them try out the micro-services that we developed for over a year. We wanted to spread our knowledge as much as possible and let people use their ideas and creativity to hack this brand new cloud environment.

They had one day to make their ideas to happen and it was a win-win situation.

Prior to the event, I along with 3 other developers reached out to the participants and guided them on some preparation steps for the hacking day. We also helped them to form their teams to be ready for action:)

On the event day, some of my colleagues and I, were unblocking the participants by providing technical expertise while people were hacking. At the end, the teams presented their ideas to the group in form of working software. The winning team was chosen based on some categories such as team work, creativity and ability to accomplish their goals.

I really liked the fact that I could immediately observe how people were responding to our product and get their instant feedbacks. It was really fun!

It was a priceless experience to see in firsthand the impact that our work had on other developers.