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Have you ever thought about building a shop using Minecraft? Have you ever thought about integrating it with a commerce platform? Don’t worry if you haven’t as we took care of this.

The hybris Labs team prepared and led a Minecraft shop-building workshop in the Munich office, and invited world class testers to collaborate – our young ones. Kids of various ages had loads of fun while trying to code and play around with the Minecraft integration.

Kids’ perspective

My name is Joey, 14 years old.

On the 3rd of August I was invited to join the “hybris Minecraft e-commerce kids workshop” for children of hybris employees, done by the Labs team.

I was very excited because I did not know what was coming at me. The workshop went from 10am to 5pm with a nice pizza for lunch. There were 16 kids total.


They made the workshop to show us something about hacking, how it works, and what you need to do it well. They explained how to hack, and gave us support whenever needed. Later on we had time to play on Minecraft and create our own world. The idea was to build a shop with the items we had available in Minecraft and this shop was then used with the shopping cart of the hybris e-commerce platform.

It was a really cool day. I look forward to see the result online. ☺

2 cents from the organizer

This Monday –  the first day of holiday here in Bavaria the hybris labs team organized a Minecraft Kids Workshop. As the first day of holiday we wanted that the kids would have a fun and creative day.

We invited all hybris kids between ages 8 and 14 to come to Nymbenburgerstr. 82 and build a shop inside the Minecraft world.  For those who don’t know Minecraft is a popular game in which you can create your own world pixel block by pixel block.

16 kids registered, so we gathered 16 monitors, keyboards and mice from the hybris office and the fablab Munich. We also used the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft which is free and hackable.

To start the day we explained to the kids Raspberry Pi and the Linux operating system Kano, a special operating system designed especially for kids’ works. We showed them how they could build pixel blocks with code and then gave them their assignment to build their dream shops.

I think schools need to use more games in the classrooms because the kids were so concentrated that it was really easy to manage all sixteen of them.

For lunch we went with the kids and their parents for some pizzas and and surely had some ice cream afterwards.

In the afternoon, the kids continued to build their shops. Sven and Lars connected blocks to YaaS so when you hit a pink block, you would add this block to your shopping cart. If you then hit a treasure box block, you would buy the item and a receipt would be printed out with our receipt printer.

To wrap up the day each kid presented their shop, we saw: a cave shop, skyscraper shops, a shop where you can buy only torches, and labyrinth shops.

What a great first day of work for the kids!





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