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This summer, we went to Universal Studios theme park with my son, who had graduated from high school a few weeks before. He loves Harry Potter, so there seemed no better place to take him to celebrate this milestone in his life.

Every morning, the gates open at eight o’clock for people like us staying at the resort. Despite the early entrance time, crowds of people gather around the entrances to wait with anticipation for the park to open.

Here at hybris, we had our own gate opening of sorts: the YaaS Open Beta. The teams here have been working long hours to get the hybris-as-a-service platform ready for customers, just like those park employees sweep the streets and oil the rides for park goers.


Dozens of people across multiple hybris locations like here in Boulder have been rehearsing for this day for months, one iteration at a time. Most teams at hybris use the Scrum framework to deliver work. Features begin as conversations with stakeholders, which product owners turn into user stories. Like the Star-On, Star-Off Machine in Seussville, delivery teams turn stories into software and documentation through a convoluted mechanism that involves whiteboards, keyboards and beer. Then, teams demonstrate their work to everyone and run back in line for another ride.

It’s a roller coaster of setbacks, changes, and yes, even moments of triumph as the pieces of the platform come together. But none of that preparation can quell the butterflies or forego the excitement of the moment when the gates open!

This is the time when the mettle of the platform will be tested in earnest. And, if our recent Guinea Pig day is any indication, the platform is ready for folks to ride the rides so to speak, buy some virtual concessions, and have some fun co-innovating the future of omni-channel commerce.

The hybris YaaS team is really excited to begin this chapter of the platform’s history. We’ll know we’re successful when we supplant the first YaaS image that comes up on Google!



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