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EU Code Week was held in two hybris locations this year. The initiative is all about sharing the knowledge and coding abilities amongst different communities, so that one day we all know how to program our future.

Colleagues in Munich and Gliwice had a lot of fun while spreading the knowledge amongst our youngsters.

What are the impressions after the first events?

Pupils’ perspective

My name is Wojtek. I’m 13 years old. I was at an EU Code Week event called “Be hAPI” in Gliwice. There were mostly students attending three presentations. The first one was about API, second one about GitHub, and third was showing things from other presentations in practice, like using a parking place management system called “PAAS”. I think it was a nice idea to show us how easy and useful it is with examples from everyday life. Everyone was very talkative and friendly. Everything was understandable for non-programmers, nevertheless interesting for programmers. After that meetup, I’ve started using GitHub and APIs. In my opinion, it was worth it to be there. I hope there will be more events like this.




Two cents from lecturers

Being a part of such a great initiative like EU Code Week was an outstanding experience for me. There is nothing more exciting than the possibility to share knowledge and passion with others. Additionally, it’s very promising that a lot of young people want to actually learn coding and they are searching for a way to do that. Not so long ago, I was a student, in exactly the same place where they are now. I’d been searching for the best opportunity of growth and I know how important it is to show knowledge in the right way. I deeply believe that events like EU Code Week help a lot of people. I am happy that I could be a part of it!

Cheers and I hope to see you again!


Those were experiences of participants in Gliwice, Poland. If you would like to see how hybris Labs organized this event in Munich, Germany – take a look here.

The first round of EU Code Week was pretty fun and most importantly – entertaining and useful for our participants, for sure we will take part in future editions of this rewarding initiative.

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