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Interested in becoming an API billionaire?

Haven’t heard about APIs monetization and cloud native applications yet?
Well… Now you have a chance!

The world of applications has changed. Join our workshops to learn how to get into this business, become successful and survive.

During 8 hours of our workshops you will have a chance to learn what cloud native software is, how to build it and how to keep it running. You will be able to experience service building hands-on, and you will learn what are the ups and downs of life with APIs and cloud services.

After the series of workshops you will:

  • know what API is and why it is so important
  • know what a microservice is
  • be able to design your API
  • be able to use the most crucial tools: RAML, Hystrix and others
  • build a microservice
  • know how to design your service for failure
  • understand how to monitor your service

Upcoming dates

25.11 13:30-16:00 – Cloud software for dummies.

02.12 13:30-16:00 – Become a true API provider.

09.12 13:30-16:00 – You build it, you run it.

16.12 13:10-16:00 – How to keep it running? Few words about design for failure approach.

The series of workshops will be held at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

For more details on the agenda and location, please see below:



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