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At Hybris, we are using cookbooks and recipes not only for deployment of our team lunches but for infrastructure as well. We are chefs using Chef 😉 It helps us to automate both simple and complex environments for development teams and our purposes.

We also take advantage of containers’ approach to scale up and down our services and in other situations; for example, if you want to resolve an architectural problem or invent any cool solution for a problem. Here you can take a look at other implementations:


Working as a DevOps Engineer is a really interesting and challenging option. My previous work experience as a Software Tester and Release Engineer allowed me to easily grasp the areas of the job which seemed to be magic at first. In fact, it’s not that bad at all. It’s actually pretty intuitive and entertaining.

As a DevOps Engineer / System Administrator / System Engineer – call it how you want – at Hybris, I have the opportunity to work in different areas such as:
* developing continuous delivery solutions
* acting as a DevOps evangelist
* working with microservices and PaaS solutions

Apart from that, we try to be up to date with the market. We constantly research new technologies, implement proof of concepts, and have a lot of fun doing that!


Sounds interesting? We have similar openings in Gliwice, Munich and Montreal. Check the job ads to find out more!

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