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This post is about SAP Hybris’ take on Internet of Things. We will not discuss the topic of strategy, business value, measure of success or commercial implementation, just not yet ? Instead of that, let’s look how we – developers, technical writers, quality assurance specialists are enabled to get on-boarded with IoT and have some fun at the same time.

A good opportunity happened lately in one of our offices in Europe. Thanks to the collaboration of hybris Labs and Product Operations we enjoyed for the first time our own [y]Works IoT Experimentation Kit.

In Łukasz’s words:

“That was the only workshop in my life where I got entertained and really interested with the topic. Actually after first 2h I realized I’m still a kid ? It was a real fun to connect all those controllers and get some data from them, and all of it possible with JavaScript on Node. Interesting is how IoT boosts your imagination; you take 2 controllers and already have several ideas about how to use them, for what purpose. Even I had a great idea…but can’t share it with you before I’ll make it commercial ?”

IMG_1391 IMG_1378

As Piotrek (one of the workshop’s facilitator) says, it’s also not too hard to start experimenting with the kit:

“It was cool and funny to see the IoT participants dive into the world of electronics. No previous knowledge of low-level programming or specific laws which rule that world needed!
Simply by manipulating blocks on their laptop screens, with a bit of javascript code, they were able to connect their micro-controllers with various sensors to the world of social media, smartphones, cloud etc.

All of that was possible thanks to Node-red, johnny five, and firmata, which are cool extensions allowing a user to fast-prototype and easily play with electronics. At the workshops, many ideas came up so by the end of the day, during the showcase, we had samples of house security systems, a beer price shop manager, a hardware pubsub service that uses the cloud, to name but a few!
Crucial characters were the hybris Labs representatives: Sven and Georg. Using their experience and know-how, they encouraged all the participants to give ‘electronics and the hardware world’ a chance.”

And all of it is just a start, as Sandra mentions:

“It was great to see how people had this special twinkle in their eyes when they unwrapped the kits and started to plug in different elements to each other, quickly generating various inputs and outputs. They looked like bunch of happy kids playing with new, fancy toys. I’m very happy that while we’re learning more and more about IoT we share the knowledge between each other. Thanks to this we will be able to set up next round of workshops in other locations as well.”


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