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Hello Hackers,

Following the Hot session in Gliwice, Montreal was next on the Agenda where people got to be introduced to the [y]Works IoT Experimental Box. The workshop brought great contributors from hybris Labs over to our part of the world and they got a warm reception.

People in attendance for the event were anxious to start and learn about YaaS and how they could connect to it using hardware.


The event was at full capacity having registered 10 Teams of 3 people each. Teams were introduced to some basics and had plenty of time throughout the workshop to “play” and experiment. The Grove Starter Kit provided in the workshop enabled Teams to make good use of a diverse set of sensors and different inputs. The workshop left most participants with a desire to continue to develop and build on top of their experience.

On behalf of hybris Labs and the organization, we would like to thank all of who have participated and made this event a success. We look forward to great and crazy ideas in the near future from all locations.



Comments from the workshop:

The node-red integration with pub-sub and commerce services is awesome. It gave us another perspective on how physical objects can drive the commerce workflows. The examples of Amazon Dash Button and Philips Hue were awesome use cases.

Thank you and cheers

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