Hello all,

How does one start to describe a company that believes in ownership, talent and freedom for its development teams? This article is a humble attempt.

Here at SAP Hybris, we build commerce software delivered to a vast and diversified market, with the goal to remain the leader in this sector and rule the world! (*insert evil laugh)

Passionate people work hard to deliver quarterly releases to both our partners and customers to delight them with new or more robust features at regular intervals. SAP Hybris is no stranger to the Cloud as it develops a new platform, hybris-as-a-Service (YaaS). This platform is host to in-house developed packages that offer commerce functionality and is open to 3rd Party developers or vendors.

Our business model concerning our Cloud deployed products follow “You built it, You run it!” mantra. Given this model, you might have heard “with freedom comes responsibility”, this means that there is no room for “throwing over the fence” or “sweeping under the rug”. Teams are tasked with DevOps responsibilities and work with infrastructure in order to meet the established SLAs (Service Level Agreement). We believe this approach gives a great sense of purpose and brings teams closer to their customers. Giving opportunities for a team to master all aspects of software development is important and we feel teams should be enabled to do so. This is why we support them by providing regular educational offers and each individual is given the chance to use yearly attributed resources to participate in courses/workshops of their choice.

As you can see, SAP Hybris embraces a culture where people can take on great responsibility and feel empowered to lead new innovative ideas within a growing industry. We involve ourselves in the community to exchange ideas, get feedback, and continue to engage with great events such as Atmosphere (see post picture).

How will you contribute to the new commerce revolution?

Join us to conquer the World!