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SAP Customer Experience Open House

Summer maybe over but the fun never stops. Especially if you are a member of the SAP Customer Experience family.

Have doubts?

Well, let our teams prove it themselves. SAP Customer Experience is hosting an Open House Event on the 19th of September at our Customer Experience Labs, Nymphenburger Straße 82.

If you are a Cloud engineer, a Cloud native developer or just an “Everything Cloud” enthusiast then this is an event you should not miss. Our resident Cloud Automation geeks and geekettes will be showcasing the latest technologies, including the open source #Kyma microservice based extension platform that powers our cloud platform.

What better way to witness our demos, products and engage our Cloud developers, than with a beer in hand with fellow cloud enthusiasts?

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If your head is not lost in the clouds but are more of a futurist, we have the right fix for you too. A dedicated corner to about Internet of Things will be on hand, from IoT protocols to visualizing IoT data with Minecraft to AI and Minecraft (yeah, yeah, we love Minecraft a bit too much) to an Arduino based Christmas tree (“‘tis the season” approaches). Our resident IoT master, Lars Gregori, will be on deck to discuss these trendy topics.

Innovation and IoT development

What is a future without ROBOTS you ask?!

Yup, we have some of those too! On the same futuristic tone, come and discuss how one can program robots using Go programming language (this has a demo as well :))


We all know that E-commerce is big business, one we pride ourselves of providing solutions to our customers. We also know that Data is the building block of any successful E-commerce company, but just how does Big data and development go hand-in-hand to deliver platforms and solutions for customers?

Our Data services and Development teams will be on hand to discuss this and provide a few tricks about the products they have been working on at SAP Customer Experience, including our software architecture and development infrastructure. In past MeetUp events, we have had people ask about SAP Customer Experience architecture and infrastructure currently utilized for our platforms/products and we intend on giving a sneak peek to all the background work and demos of how our infrastructure and architecture teams work. If you are a software architect or systems engineer, this is the playground for you to attend.

Wait, there’s more. No event is complete without some free drinks and snacks, plus several giveaway gifts will be raffled to a few lucky attendees during the Open House!


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