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SAP Customer Experience Munich hosted the event of the season!

Just like how we kicked-off the summer with a great MeetUp event on Test driven development, we said goodbye to the summer with an even bigger event! SAP Customer Experience hosted an Open House event on the 19thof September at its Training Labs in Munich.

Munich Office terrace

Enjoying our terrace with our guests

Kyma product showcase

Interaction between our development staff and participants

The event allowed attendees to engage our software development teams on their current projects. Guests also got to learn of the technology being used at SAP Customer Experience. Our teams included members of Kyma (Open Source project), Context Driven Services team, Product infrastructure and Architecture teams. In a special corner, we presented all matters of internet of Things as well as Robots (programming with Go)

In typical SAP Customer experience fashion, the event had multiple games for attendees and included a raffle every hour where attendees got a chance to win top prizes such as an Amazon Echo dot, a JBL wireless set of headphones and a Raspberry Pi toolkit. The vibrant room was soon full of attendees and developers exchanging ideas over a few beers while participating in live coding and product demos.

It was an evening that left both SAP Customer Experience developers and guests wanting more. The event has set the bar high for all the next SAP Customer Experience events to come in the future. It is a bar that we intend to reach and go beyond!

Stay tuned for our next events, starting with the Fsharp (F#) and MS Orleans MeetUp event that we are hosting on the 10thof October.

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