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Did you know that one blood donation can save up to 3 people? It is the power that runs through our bodies. The ability to save lives.

The SAP Customer Experience team from Gliwice realized this and that is why they came up with the Puzzles4Life initiative.
This internal project was introduced to allow SAP CX employees to donate blood and potentially even bone marrow voluntarily.

The project aims to popularize the idea of registration to the database of potential bone marrow donors.

The mission is to support organizations that collect this data so that the number of registered donors in Poland reaches 15 million (from 1.5 million currently enrolled).

How did the first event happen?

– We created a jigsaw puzzle for each floor of the SAP CX offices in Gliwice;
– Employees had to convince more people on their floor to register on the database of potential donors (through posters, organizing donor days or direct conversations);
– We gave out tokens to each potential registered donor to be used in the discovery of a puzzle on one board of his / her Office floor;
– The token can be used to discover one puzzle on one of the selected boards. A separate puzzle chart was created for each floor of the organization’s offices. (The starting grid contains four empty puzzles, but calmly, after one is filled up the next one will appear with more Elements)
– After the action is completed, the employees of the floor with the largest completed puzzle board and the most considerable number of discovered puzzles would receive an award. Consolation prizes are provided for other employees.


The Puzzles4Life initiative shows no sign of slowing down as on the 24th of September; SAP Labs Gliwice launched a test version of the Puzzles4Life App. The application is intended to create a positive impact on blood donation. Likewise  increasing the number of registrations of potential bone marrow donors. The initiative started with SAP Customer Experience employees located in Gliwice but the goal is to also onboard more organizations to this initiative.

How successful was the last blood donation initiative?

• Registered donors: 28
• No. of people that donated blood: 26 (including two non-SAP CX Employees)
• Net Volume blood gave: 11.251 Liters.

We plan to develop further the functionality (including the board games therefore everyone can have the opportunity to set up their puzzle board. Hence allowing friends to unveil hidden puzzle elements as they get more people to register on the potential donors’ list).

Remember, everyone is a superhero. We are all walking with superpowers in us. We can save lives. Become a donor.

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