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SAP CX Munich was fortunate to host another night filled with knowledge sharing and coding sessions. Our own developers as well as external attendees took part in the FSharp (F#) and MS Orleans Event. We had a host moderating and presenting a discussion on open source programming language, F#, together with a preview of MS Orleans, a relatively new Framework.

It all began with Open Source programming

At centre stage we had Alexander Prooks, who is a Software Engineer at apaleo GmBH. He presented and moderated the 45-minute discussion on how to use FSharp (F#).
FSharp as an OCaml family language in .Net, which can be used in back-end and frontend/mobile devices. We were able to witness and participate in a series of live coding Demos. This introduced us to basic data structures of F# like records and discriminated unions.
Alex also gave some examples of how to utilize F# to create a safe and expressive type system to application.

MS Orleans as a framework for the future?

The second half of the presentation featured an introduction to a relatively new Framework, Ms Orleans. This Segment had several interesting discussions such as why is MS Orleans not being used widely throughout the industry? Compared of course to other Frameworks such as Akka/Erlang. Alexander was able to demonstrate the advantages of MS Orleans as compared vs traditional Akka/Erlang systems. A small coding session was utilized to showcase the major features of MS Orleans (some tips and tricks).

As one of our smallest events to date (25 people attendance) it created a sense of a discussion group. Allowing for longer Q&A sessions plus multiple Coding Sessions that attendees were able to engage in. It also meant more Drinks and Food for everyone!

Some of the notable feedback from the attendees include:
“The presenter was very good and engaging” and ” The talks should be split in first part presentation and second part purely coding session, longer coding sessions”

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