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December is here and Tis’ the season! This year SAP Customer Experience was in the spirit for some hacking and innovation! Across four locations, Munich, Gliwice, Montreal and Boulder, we brought together 85 SAP developers for 2 days of hacking crazy < delete > imaginative solutions involving Kyma (open-source project) and CCV2 (Commerce Cloud Version 2). This hackathon event gave a chance to developers that had never worked with both in combination a chance to discover what is possible.


Our SAP developers were split into 16 teams that worked on developing their ideas in a cloud environment. Developers hacked their way through several Kyma features including Portal, Lambdas, Eventing, Tracing and Debugging. Teams also used Docker and Kubectl to deploy to Kyma’s Kubernetes cluster as well as our CCv2 Accelerator.

Developers enjoyed the opportunity to work in teams of their choice, innovating their ideas and finally conducting demos and presentations. This being  part of SAP’s dedication to our developer’s ideas and individual growth. Recognizing our developers for their unique contributions and filling them with a strong sense of purpose.

That together with providing a fun, flexible and inclusive work Environment!


Winning teams from each location were selected by an audience vote, with the most votes being the 2018 Kyma hackathon winner of ther respective location. High levels of engagement, plenty of fun, food, drinks and cool prizes – everything that is about Kyma and CCv2 Hackathon 2018.

Munich winner – Team Batman Returns
Team “Batman Returns” (Munich) and their Batmobile, showed how to use IoT sensors, an Arduino and a Kyma-assisted Batman to repair Batmobiles. Read the Lab’s blog post with photos and details.


Gliwice Winners – Team Stray Dogs

Team “Stray Dogs” (Gliwice) gamified the discount logic with an application called Clickr. Read this blog for details.

Montreal Winners – Team Griffin

Team “Griffin” (Montreal) created an order abstraction application to place orders from a preconfigured environment using VR and Amazon’s Alexa functionality with Echo


Boulder Winners – Team Pyrite

Team “Pyrite“ (Boulder) created the Cart abandonment service to identify and recover abandoned carts.


We are looking forward to 2019 with the chance to have another Hackathon event, bigger and better! Watch this space



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