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Diving into the cloud v.3 with Kubernetes and Azure

SAP Customer Experience continues to host its extensive Diving into the Cloud series. If you are unfamiliar of what they are, take a moment and catch up with the second series here. In December SAP Labs Gliwice was the stage for the third installment in the series. Our Go Microservices developer, Mateusz Szostok, delivered a presentation on ” 101+ ways to extend the Kubernetes platform,”. This was followed up by Tomasz Heflik (Tech Lead) and Tomasz Pietrek (Architect & Tech lead) who talked about ”Getting your service production-ready with Kubernetes and Azure” and “Production in Kubernetes with Helm.”

Talking Points

As Microsoft Azure is becoming an increasingly popular provider of cloud solutions. Is it as user friendly as AWS? Participants of this event found out how easy it is to use the Terraform and Helm tools. They also witnessed how they can create the K8s environment with a private docker register and repositories for their helm greyhounds.
Presenters then discussed how to ensure zero-downtime with rolling upgrades. They also answered questions related to the production use of Kubernetes in this part of the presentation.
Mateusz took it further by showcasing how projects from CNCF Landscape (‪ are integrated with Kubernetes and how to extend Kubernetes platform functionality in the idiomatic way.‬

During the presentation, various approaches to writing controllers were presented together with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Mateusz also made a short introduction to good practices that he developed during the development of production applications over two years.
Participants were interested in what patterns are hidden underneath #Kubernetes #CRD #Controllers #Kubebuilder #OperatorSDK #ControllerRuntime.
Despite the winter weather, the participants enjoyed socializing over great pizza with drinks. As usual they got a chance to play a raffle three times, with the winners getting cinema tickets 😊.

Keep an eye out for the next edition of our Diving into the cloud talks, with the fourth talk coming soon in New Year!

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